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Stage 2 audio kit for select 2014-up Harley-Davidson motorcycles — includes 6-1/2" fairing speakers and a 4-channel amp

Better sound for your Road Glide or Street Glide

Ready to upgrade the sound on your 2014-up Harley-Davidson®? Go big with Rockford Fosgate's HD14 Stage 2 kit. Designed to fit your Harley, this package features 6-1/2" fairing speakers and a compact, weather-resistant 4-channel amplifier with an user-friendly amplifier kit. It's a big step up in audio for your Harley.

Better fairing speakers mean better sound

Phenomenal sound for the fairings

The Stage 2 package includes two Rockford Fosgate TMS65 6-1/2" speakers that will fit right into the fairing locations on your Harley-Davidson. These rugged, weather-resistant coaxial speakers will really boost your bike's audio quality, packing a lot of sonic punch into a rugged, road-ready design. The big VAST (Vertical Attach Surround Technique) surrounds give the speakers 25% more cone area without compromising ease of installation. The result? You'll get more performance from a smaller speaker, which is pretty much the ideal for a motorcycle.

A compact, powerful amp

Rockford Fosgate's M5-800X4 4-channel amplifier uses Rockford Fosgate's proprietary Class AD technology to draw big power with less current draw from your bike's electrical system. It's made for the road, with conformal-coated circuitry and stainless steel hardware. This compact amp rocks hard and runs cool, even when it's tucked into a tight space. You'll install the amp using the included RFK-HD14 kit which includes everything you need for the job, from mounting plate and wiring harnesses right down to the screws.

Compatibility Note: This kit is designed to work with select 2014-up Harley-Davidson motorcycles — please identify your bike so we can tell you if this package will work.

Important Note: All 2014-up Harley-Davidson radios use a “high fidelity” EQ curve which will cause severe distortion (and potential speaker damage) in any audio upgrade. You'll need to get your radio reflashed by your local authorized Rockford Fosgate motorcycle audio dealer.


Rockford Fosgate HD14-STG2

    • system includes two 6-1/2" fairing speakers, a 4-channel amp, and an amp wiring kit
    • designed for select 2014-up Harley-Davidson models

    Rockford Fosgate TMS65 6-1/2" full-range speakers

    • designed for your Harley's fairing speaker locations
    • Element-Ready design is weather- and water-resistant
    • power handling: 75 watts RMS (150 watts peak)
    • warranty: 2 years

    Rockford Fosgate M5-800X4 marine/powersports 4-channel amplifier

    • Class AD amp technology
    • 100 watts RMS x 4 at 4 ohms (400 watts peak)
    • conformal-coated circuit board — suitable for power sports and marine applications
    • twin cooling fans and real-time thermal sensing
    • includes Rockford Fosgate RFK-HD14 amplifier kit
    • radio must be re-flashed by an authorized Rockford Fosgate motorcycle audio dealer.
    • Rockford Fosgate contact and radio flashing information
    • M5-800X4:
    • 4-Channel powersports amplifier
    • 11" Power/ground/turn-on & speaker output harness (installed on amp)
    • 11" Input harness (installed on amp)
    • Two 14" RCA-to-Molex input adapters
    • Power/ground/turn-on adapter plug
    • Two 7.5" speaker output harnesses
    • 3mm Allen key
    • TMS65:
    • Two 2-way speakers
    • 2 Street Glide grilles
    • 2 Road Glide grilles
    • 2 Tour-Pak grilles
    • Installation manual (En/ Fr/ Sp/ Others)
    • RFK-HD14M5:
    • 1 Amp mounting bracket
    • 1 Heatsink
    • 34" T-harness
    • 65" Power/ground harness w/ inline 60A Maxi fuse
    • 20" Amplifier output harness
    • 12" Amp output harnress
    • 16" Fairing harness
    • 2 Amp output Y-adapters
    • 5 Amp bypass plugs
    • Eight 8" wire-ties
    • 4 Threaded post adapters
    • Two 16mm bolts
    • Four 18mm counter-sunk screws
    • Four 10mm counter-sunk screws
    • Four 8mm hex-socket screws
    • 2 Flange-nuts
    • Installation guide
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