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JL Audio's best sub in an incredibly loud enclosure

The "H.O." in JL Audio's H.O. Wedge enclosed subwoofer systems stands for "High Output," and that's exactly what you'll hear and feel. High Output Wedges deliver efficient, accurate bass, with better sound quality than conventional ported and bandpass boxes. The woofer sits in recessed baffle, part of a separate chamber within the enclosure, and the front-firing port output combines with woofer output for extremely efficient performance. The HO112R-W7AE boasts a powerful 12" W7AE subwoofer, and JL Audio designed the enclosure as a perfect match for the sub so you can count on maximum performance.

Hand finished by JL Audio

JL Audio employs advanced woodcutting machinery to fabricate these enclosures, which are finished by hand at their facility in Florida. The angled back design saves precious cargo space, while strong internal bracing and the recessed one-inch thick mounting baffle maintain the enclosure's integrity and protect the sub.

Match this stunning enclosure with the proper amplifier and wiring to enjoy thrilling bass — OPEN BOX





JL Audio HO112R-W7AE Ported H.O. Wedge™ enclosure with one 12" W7AE subwoofer

$1,599.95 Regular Price
$1,199.95Sale Price
    • ported enclosure with one 12" W7AE subwoofer
    • 5/8" medium density fiberboard construction covered with gray carpet
    • 1" medium density fiberboard mounting baffle with black carpet cover
    • 3-ohm total impedance
    • power handling: 400-1,000 watts RMS (2,000 watts peak power)
    • OPEN BOX
    • frequency response: 18-200 Hz
    • sensitivity: 86 dB
    • 34-7/8"W x 16-7/8"H x 20-3/8"D1 x 14-1/2"D2
    • warranty: 2 years
  • JL Audio HO112R-W7AE owner's manual

    • Ported hatchback-style enclosure with one 12" 12W7AE-3 subwoofer installed
    • HO-series sheet
    • Warranty information


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