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Drone X1 Smartphone remote start system

Drone X1 adds LTE connectivity to your vehicle, giving you fast and reliable access from your smartphone. Drone X1 can be installed as a standalone GPS tracking system OR as an add-on to an existing remote starter

Professional installation voucher is included with this product. Upon completing your purchase, we will send you an installation voucher that you can redeem at Armando Sounds .

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Ignition Controlled Locks

  • Defrost Control
  • Driver Priority Unlock
  • Auto Lock / Rearm
  • Parking Light Reminder
  • Valet Mode
  • Low Battery Warning


  • Voltage Engine Sensing
  • Alternator Engine Sensing
  • Adjustable Crank Time
  • Dome Light Delay
  • Double Pulse Disarm
  • Double Pulse Unlock
  • Lock / Unlock Pulse Duration
  • Trigger Start
  • Hybrid Vehicle, Extended Crank
  • POC Flexibility
  • PIC Flexibility
  • Adjustable Pulse Duration on Aux Outputs
  • Double Pulse Lock / Unlock
  • Extended Aux Outputs
  • Unlock Before Lock After Start
  • Tach Engine Sensing
  • PTS Remote Programming
  • Ignition / Accessory Output Upon Disarm


  • Adjustable Runtime
  • Anti-Grind
  • Cold or Hot Start
  • Diesel Timer
  • Low Battery Start
  • Turbo Timer
  • 24 Hour Repeat w/ Cold Starting
  • Timer Start
  • Need help with your order? Give us a call at (773)866-9700

Compustar Smartphone Remote Start Kit /Installation Included

  • Detailed Vehicle Alerts

    DroneMobile provides up to 25 different alerts to keep you, your family, and your vehicles safe and comfortable.

    • Security/alarm triggered notifications
    • Remote start confirmation
    • Low battery alerts
    • Speeding alerts
    • Maintenance reminders
    • Points of Interest arrival/departure
    • Many more!
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